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Kwaiken-Style (Japanese) Folding Steel Blade

Kwaiken-Style (Japanese) Folding Steel Blade
The DeHong kwaiken folder was specifically designed to be functional in the open AND closed position. Open, it’s a sleek tactical blade. Closed, it’s a “palm stick,” like a yawara. In other words, even with the blade closed, this is a powerful tool

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What if you could bug out and STAY gone?

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that people can’t be trusted. They’re stupid, they’re panicky, and they have no regard for who they hurt. Survivalists and preppers understood this BEFORE the

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a 5 second “stiletto knife lesson

Former CIA officer Jason Hanson has written an entire book on the use of the deadly stiletto.

Not only that, but he even offers a combo package where you can get a stiletto knife along with the book.

His is one of the best books I’ve seen on the use of this wickedly cool blade.

You can get your copy here if you’d like to take your stiletto method to the next level.

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Are “ninja knives” the best blades?

Recently the “knife world” got word that knife company Cold Steel was being sold to another company. That got me to thinking about the knives that put Cold Steel on the map – tanto blades. These Japanese-inspired blades, sometimes referred to as “ninja knives” because of the style, are STILL super popular.

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Instagram “knife cults” – what I learned

They love fixed blades and fast-opening folders.
And as long as you have a good, simple, powerful fixed blade like this one, well… you’re better armed than most of the population (and you can even take someone with a gun at extreme close quarters).

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Make your gear “problem” WORSE

One of the dirty little secrets of the “tactical gear” industry is that when a supplier buys an item in bulk… …they often end up having to practically give it away to lower inventory. And if you don’t

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