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We work with vendors and distributors worldwide, sometimes in places where UPS and FEDEX simply do not operate. 

Based on availability, location and merchandise shipping/delivery times may vary:

  • Popular or local sourced items are typically delivered within 5 to 7 days
  • Less common items usually take 7 – 12 days to be delivered
  • Unique or harder  to get items can take longer
  • We’re always here to monitor it and make sure you get your merchandise.

If shipping time is a major concern, please contact our support team prior to your purchase to get a “best case estimate.” 



All items are 100% refundable pending:

  • They are returned in near the same condition they are received 
  • Damage to item was not due to use or neglect by customer
  • Partial refunds may be rewarded after review of item and on a case by case basis for items returned missing components or with slight wear. 

All requests will be considered if submitted to our customer support team at https://defendsurviveprepare.com/support/help-center


All return requests will be considered if submitted to our customer support team at https://defendsurviveprepare.com/support/help-center. It is necessary in order for our team to access the proper account information. . 

We pay for return in form of  “prepaid return postage or label” only.  

  • Return requests must be submitted to our customer support team at https://defendsurviveprepare.com/support/help-center
  • A valid address with which to deliver the prepaid shipping label must be presented
  • Package with label must be delivered to mail service by customer
  •  When mail service confirms with us that package has been checked-in, the refund process may be initiated (on customers word of confirmation no damage has been done to product)

Items that are shipped back to us without using our prepaid shipping labels are subject to additional confirmation and scrutiny. 

  • Package must be received and reviewed before the refund process might be initiated
  • Any return shipping costs incurred by not using our prepaid shipping labels will not be reimbursed 

Any items that have been shipped and are in-route at the time the return has been requested will need to be received and then returned using our prepaid shipping label before the refund process can begin. If done soon enough, we will do everything we can to halt the delivery process

We will look for some coupons and send over what we find asap.

If you’re interested, let us know by completing the next steps and telling us where to send the info… 


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