“Rambo” in your front pocket

I grew up in the 1980s, and I remember when the Rambo Knife Craze hit popular culture.

All the teenaged boys I knew (myself being one of them) wanted a hollow-handle survival knife more than anything.

These days, I’m a middle-aged man… but I understand survival a LOT better.

I know that the “survival knife” I’ll have is the one I’m able to carry with me everyday as part of my EDC gear…

…and while I might like to carry a hollow-handle sawed-off sword, that’s just not an option.

But I found a GREAT alternative – an EDC survival knife with multiple functions, including a fire-starting rod, a glass breaker, and a line/seatbelt cutter.

This is the survival knife I carry every day now.

It will be there when I need it… and it can protect you, too.

(Plus, it’s also a one-hand tactical folder, so you can use it for self-defense.)

Get yours here while they’re still available.

If you get a “sold out” message, or the page forwards to a different product, you’ll know it’s too late.