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[SG&T News] Latest Headlines…

The Patriot’s Guide to (Legally) Hiding Your Guns

The Patriot’s Guide to (Legally) Hiding Your Guns

Just yesterday, a friend of mine admitted that she was very worried about the “state of the world.”

I totally got what she meant.
It’s like the whole world is on fire right now, with riots and looting, statues being pulled down, history being erased

It’s like, in just a few week’s, we’ve devolved into total mob rule.

More than ever, with the gun stores picked clean, I’m glad I have a gun and ammo to defend us.

But that got me to worrying about something else.

I remember back when Hurricane Katrina happened, and that whole part of the US was one big disaster zone.

The authorities, to restore order, started going from house to house, taking guns from people.

(They also set up roadblocks……and took guns from citizens who were carrying them LEGALLY.)
It was all done in the name of restoring order – because they don’t care about you and your family.

They just want to cut down on the variables they can’t control.

For that reason, I started keeping a “decoy gun” – an old, crappy .22 I got used years ago, that I don’t mind giving up.

That way they get what they want and go on their way, you know?

But what about the guns you want to keep?

Well, you’ve got to hide them, and you’ve got to do it legally so they can’t then turn YOU into a “gun criminal.”

This book from a former CIA operative explains all the tips and tricks.

It’s called A Patriot’s Guide to (Legally) Hiding Your Guns From The Government… So They Don’t Know They Exist And Can Never Confiscate Them.

(That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?)

And yes, these tips and tricks really work.

This is the book I rely on to keep my self-defense weapons safe from the gun-grabbers.

It can help you, too.

You can get your copy here – but don’t wait on this.

It’s only a matter of time before the mob realizes YOUR GUNS are the only things standing between them and totally running the country (or burning it down).

The Patriot’s Guide to (Legally) Hiding Your Guns

The first “contact tracing” apps are coming out

This is important, because if you’ve been exposed (or other people think you have), there’s no telling what impact apps like these will have on the behavior of people around you. Be very careful when installing and using these apps, or when you’re around people who do use them. That doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t download them; it means that no app like this comes without consequences.

Finally, riots broke out recently over the death of a man named George Floyd in Minneapolis

News came out recently Google Drive routinely scans the contents of your “cloud stA viral video shows Floyd being arrested a few days ago. He fought with police, and one of the officers put a knee in his neck. Floyd can be seen crying out that he can’t breathe. He died in police custody. No matter what your thoughts on the incident itself, riots have been the result. If you and your family get caught up in a “Black Lives Matter” -style protest, you could easily be hurt or killed. Now’s a great time to review the basic rules of escape and evasion as taught by a former CIA operative.

In Omaha, Nebraska, a 43-year-old man named James Fairbanks went to the home of 64-year-old Mattieo Condoluci and shot him to death a few days ago.

His motive? Fairbanks was protecting neighborhood children, his ex-wife says, because Condoluci was a registered sex offender. Worse, the sex offender had allegedly been “staring down” neighborhood children. People have been calling Fairbanks a “real-life Dexter.”

Multiple news stories recently have involved people not wearing masks and getting into fights with other people demanding they put masks on

There have also been some people wearing offensive masks, or symbols painted on the masks, in protest. No matter where you stand on wearing a mask, remember that these have become a flashpoint for violence. Be extra-cautious when you’re out in public.

Google Drive routinely scans the contents of your “cloud storage”

News came out recently Google Drive routinely scans the contents of your “cloud storage” and deletes documents, movies, and other files it deems in “violation” of its Terms of Service. If you use Google Drive to store… well, anything… you need to understand that it is NOT secure storage.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you find it useful in your survival and self-protection planning.  We’ll have more bullet news for you next week.

~ SG&T