For everyday carry, you need to know how to use this weapon:

The First, Best Manual On Using Flashlights For Self-Defense Is BACK!

Tactical Flashlights are everywhere now… but this was the first book EVER to treat them as weapons by themselves.

A simple 5- or 6-inch flashlight is an extremely potent self-defense weapon if wielded properly. It’s among the few useful items you may carry that has yet to be legislated into liability.

Guns are strictly controlled in some areas; knives are subject to as many (if not more) laws, and some of the laws are so vague that they defy interpretation. Batons, billy clubs, mace, and pepper spray are even illegal in some places, just like most martial arts weapons.

Even a humble pocket stick or “yawara” may be retricted. But there are few areas where the possession of a common flashlight is illegal.This ground-breaking book shows you how to use your pocket “torch” as a weapon, all by itself!

About now, you may be thinking that you’re in deep trouble if the only weapon you’ve got during a self-defense scenario is a battery-powered flashlight. But anyone who knows how to use a “palm stick” knows just how effective a few inches of rigid plastic or metal can be!

Thrust into the body’s soft targets, joints, and other vital areas, the pocket flashlight can debilitate and even KILL an attacker.
In FLASHLIGHT FIGHTING, Phil Elmore presents the only primer you’ll ever need on the pocket flashlight, teaching you how to choose a light, carry it, deploy it, and use it to disable an attacker who THOUGHT you were unarmed.

Get your copy of the first book ever to explain how to use small flashlights as weapons… and which may even have COINED the term, “Flashlight Fighting.”

The techniques in this book remain universal and fundamental to using flashlights, pocket sticks, yawaras, and other small impact weapons. With the information in this book, you will be prepared to defend yourself no matter where you go.

Stay armed wherever you go with your pocket flashlight... and walk with confidence no matter how dark the night might be.

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