Emergency Survival Kit 18 in 1 Professional Tactical Defense Equipment Tools


  • Type: First Aid Kits
  • Item: 18 in 1 Survival Gear
  • Usage: Outdoor survival camping and hiking
  • Survival tool 1: Tactical pen
  • Survival tool 2: Emergeny Blanket Foil Thermal
  • Survival tool 3: Survival Whistle
  • Survival tool 4: LED Torch light with SOS function
  • Survival tool 5: Folding knife
  • Survival tool 6: Multifunctional Paracord wristband
  • Survival tool 7: Multifunctional credit card knife
  • Survival tool 8: Wire saw
  • Survival tool 9: Mini keychain lights
  • Survival tool 10: Compass
  • Survival tool 11: Waterproof tactical box
  • Survival tool 12: Sebder car
  • Survival tool 13: 4pcs Band aid
  • Survival tool 14: Gauze swab
  • Survival tool 15: Bandage
  • Survival tool 16: Screwdriver
  • Survival tool 17: Alcohol Pad
  • Survival tool 18: Needle


954 in stock


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