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Covert Sliding Key Knife

Never get caught without a blade.

Sometimes, you just need a knife. 

You don’t always need a hunting knife or machete, and the Covert Sliding Key Knife goes wherever your keys do. 

While we wouldn’t recommend the Covert Sliding Key Knife as your only carry, it’s perfect for everyday tasks.

Due to popular demand, only the black option is available.


Durable aluminum alloy means it’s sharp and strong enough for what you throw at it. Yet, it doesn’t take up too much valuable pocket real estate. There’s no need to strap a larger knife to your belt when a smaller blade will do.


The sliding design conceals the blade better than most keychain knives, so you’re not getting the side-eye from sheeple in the checkout line. Most will think it’s a mini flashlight, but you’ll still have a blade ready when you need it. 

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Covert Sliding Key Knife (Tactical EDC Gear)
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