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Japanese Steel (Folding) Blade

This kwaiken folder was specifically designed to be functional in the open AND closed position. Open, it's a sleek tactical blade. Closed, it's a "palm stick," like a yawara. In other words, even with the blade closed, this is a powerful tool


A quality kwaiken folder can cost a LOT if you go searching online… but it doesn’t have to. It’s true that you get what you pay for, but sometimes, you get a little bit more.

That’s the case with this DeHong kwaiken-style folder. You’ve never held a slicker, more agile tactical knife. This thing doesn’t just open in a flash. It also handles like a dream thanks to its trim profile.  And it has a low-profile pocket clip.

Closed, the knife is just under 5 inches long, with an incredibly slim, ergonomic cross-section.

An elegant design that offers great function too, the DeHong kwaiken folder features a D2 high carbon, high chromium steel amalgam blade that is specifically made to withstand corrosion and wear. The handle is high-pressure fiberglass composite, engineered for a smooth extension and lock, every time.

“…60 HRC premium D2 steel means it will hold an edge even after hard work.”

*Due to this item’s popularity, we can only offer this price once per customer.


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