Like most people who find their way to this page, I'm betting you don't need to be told why a fixed blade knife is important for self-defense.

In close-quarters attacks, you only have seconds to react.

Being prepared with the right training AND the right tools WILL mean the difference between life and death!

Like a lot of prepared citizens, you probably don't leave the house without multiple layers of protection. But like most people, a LOT of the places you have to go are "NPEs" -- "non permissive areas" where weapons are frowned on.

Going ANYWHERE without protection is out of the question, which is why it's critical to have covert EDC self-defense gear.

For situations like that, there's one piece of primary EDC gear that you can rely on consistently.

Because of its covert-style carry options, you can keep it on you and out of sight, easily, almost anywhere.

Unless you're at the airport getting body-scanned, you can always have at least one S601 fixed blade around your neck, in your waistband, on your belt, or tucked into your boot.

But the blade's covert versatility is just one of the features that will make it the most valuable edition to your EDC arsenal.

“…In the realm of EDC self defense blades, this knife is second to none.
It checks all the boxes for the perfect EDC knife for self defense ..”

"...You can't be sure of where an attack is going to come from. That's why you carry multiple increase the chances of you being able to reach one of your tools. Solid, light-weight weapons like this infinitely increase your chances of coming out on top..."

Sgt. Burnett

wHAT makes The Sanremu S601 one of the best EDC self defense Blades?

You can see the blade "lock in place."

Sheath allows multiple carry options.






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"Have you ever met a knife you DIDN'T like?"

If you get the urge to buy just about every knife you see, I know exactly how you feel.

My wife often says that to me...and for the most part, she's right (but don't tell her I said that).

The truth is, while I buy tons of knives, most of them never see the light of day. If they do come out, it's typically for "show and tell" with a close friend, or as a gift to a family member, but almost never as part of my pocket rotation.

That's because most of these knives never take the place of my “tried-and-true favorites”, the blades I always find myself carrying.

But the last time I DID add a new blade to my rotation, one that quickly became a daily carry favorite, it was the Sanremu S601 fixed blade.

Ever since I got it, it has been the EDC self-defense blade I never leave home without.

When you get a chance to try out this knife, you'll see why making it part of your primary EDC self defense gear is a "no-brainer..."


Fixed-Blade With Sheath

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Get Your FREE Pocket Sharpener This Week Only
When You Purchase The Sanremu w/Sheath

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