Decibels for when you're in danger

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People who survive floods have this one thing in common.

You’ve got your bugout bag ready, your important documents in hand, and a cache of weapons and ammo.

And the floodwaters are rising.

You’ve prepped for this exact moment, though. While others have wasted their precious time, you’ve got your gear perfectly in order. You’ve found the right supplies to keep you going for days, if not weeks.

Throwing all your supplies into a backpack is just asking for them to get soaked. Ammunition, especially, needs to stay out of the water. It won’t do you a bit of good sogged down in the bottom of a canvas bag.

($37 + $4.95 s&h)
Plus $10.99 FREE HIGH-DECBEL WHISTLE  (ships separately )

Survivors know you've got to stay dry.

A bugout bag is no good when all your supplies are soaked. You need a dry bag that’s tough enough to wade through the floodwaters to safety. 

Its 20 liter capacity means you can fit your essentials in there with room still for your cell phone and wallet. 

The plastic clip design means it won’t fail in wet conditions and that firm snap lets you know your valuables are safe. 

($37 + $4.95 s&h)
Plus $10.99 FREE HIGH-DECIBEL WHISTLE  (ships separately )

Floods can catch anyone off guard–if they’re not prepared. If you find yourself in an emergency water scenario, you’ll need to keep your supplies dry. Saving your valuables isn’t worth anything if they’re ruined in the process.

Standing flood waters can also spread infectious diseases, contain chemical hazards, and cause injuries. Each year, flooding causes more deaths than any other hazard related to thunderstorms. Floods can either drown you, or they can kill you by carrying deadly debris.

if you have no higher ground to move to and you are forced to evacuate, make sure that each member of your family has what they need to weather the storm.

Keep your, id, finances, medications, water filter, flashlight, whistle, and dry clothes in our 20 liter Dry Bag. In extreme circumstances, it can even save your life by doubling as a flotation device!

Our lightweight, yet sturdy 20 liter dry bag is made from buoyant PVC.
The double-woven mesh takes a beating, and the bottom is reinforced to keep the bag upright when packing.

…and if you buy yours now you’ll get a


Small enough to stay out of your way, but loud enough to bring help running.

A tornado of sound in a compact package.

Made of polypropalene plastic, the high-decibel rescue whistle measures 7.5cm by 2cm. It comes with a built-in clip to keep it by your side. 

It’s also got a 4mm lanyard loop so you can sling it around your neck or attach it to your dry bag. 

Even with hurricane winds howling around you, you’ll whistle clean and clear with our free gift to you.

Act now for this matching set of high-visibility fluorescent orange gear.
You'll know exactly where your gear is, even in the darkest of conditions!

($37 + $4.95 s&h)
Plus $10.99 FREE HIGH-DECIBEL RESCUE WHISTLE (ships separately )

*Due to this item’s popularity, we can only offer this price once per customer.