After what just happened here in Texas, it was NOT surprising to find only a small amount of these gas burners available.

It's because this burner is the "champion of its weight-class."
It puts out 3000W of energy, gets up to 1200 degrees and can bring 1L of water to a boil in less than 4 minutes!

This past February, Texas got rocked by the worst winter storm it's seen in decades. The Windproof Widesea Gas Burner supported 4 families through it all.

When the storm hit, roads were coated with snow and black ice. All stores and restaurants were closed. Pipes froze and burst into homes. High winds and freezing rain brought down trees and power lines. And then the state’s electrical grid failed.

Me and 4 million other Texans were stranded without heat, light, and water.

Even after the worst had passed, over 600,000 Texans were without power a week later. Warming stations were set up downtown, and charities were handing out bottled water at local schools. But heavy snow followed by freezing rain made the roads impassable.

We were stuck, and we couldn't depend on others to bail us out.

In the run-up to the storm, my neighbors had bought toilet paper and canned goods. They were banking on maybe a day without power. This time, though, Mother Nature didn't hold back, and my neighbors just weren't prepared.

Fortunately for them, I'm prepared.

My neighbors know who has the 4WD to get them unstuck from the mud. They know who has the chainsaw when trees fall in their driveway. They know who’s got the boat when levees break.

And now, they know who can help them with potable water when utilities fail.

You need a blackout bag.

My Blackout Bag is my go-to when utilities fail. Most of the time, it remains untouched, sitting right inside the hall closet. These necessities never leave the bag. They’re stashed right where I know they’ll be, ready at a moment’s notice where I can find them in the dark.

At the top of my list for my Blackout Bag is the Windproof Widesea Gas Burner. When the water cut off, it was a lifesaver. We had to boil snow, and this stove plus a filter meant we—and our neighbors—didn’t go without.

We set up an assembly line for water purification and soon my neighbors were set. Good thing, too, because it would be days before all of our utilities were functioning again.

The Windproof Widesea Gas Burner performed beautifully just when I needed it to.


When hooked up to a propane tank, this little stove creates a tornado of fire.

The Windproof Widesea Gas Burner puts out a whopping 3000W of power and can get up to temperatures of 1200 degrees. It can boil 1L of water in less than 4 minutes!


The lightweight aluminum frame folds for compact storage.

The Windproof Widesea Gas Burner folds to less than 4 inches cubed and weighs about 8.5 oz. It's perfect for backcountry camping. The serrated anti-slip stand has a low center of gravity, so your pots stay where you need them.


This little powerhouse can heat a variety of pan sizes.

The Windproof Widesea Gas Burner supports pots and pans up to 10 inches in diameter, making it perfect for both cooking and purifying needs.

Stock your Blackout Bag for less

As my neighbors learned, the best time to have a Blackout Bag is before you need it. You don't want to get caught in a storm without one.

I keep 3 Windproof Widesea Gas Burners: One in the Blackout Bag, another one at my camp, and one that I use for backcountry hiking. This model is so compact, you could even keep one in your glove compartment for roadside emergencies.


You'll love this little burner. It's got everything you need in an emergency stove: light, compact, and powerful.

For a limited time, we're offering a FREE Windproof Windsea Gas Burner with the purchase of 2.

Stock your Blackout Bag, or like me, give one as a gift to your neighbors. When disaster strikes, they'll be thanking you.

Don't get caught in the cold without one.

In Addition To All The Features, We Also Guarantee Satisfaction

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