Your “useless” Zippo lighter

Don’t get me wrong – I love Zippo lighters.

I love the sound they make, and the fact that they produce such a powerful flame, and the design of these old workhorses.

But Zippo lighters have one big problem: the lighter fluid evaporates in about a week, whether you use it or not.

That means that when you need it most, your Zippo might be USELESS.

You can wrap some electrical tape around the lid to help slow the evaporation, but that takes some of the fun out of the lighter, you know?

Well, if you like the flame produced by Zippo-style lighter fluid (naptha), but you don’t want to deal with your fluid evaporating as quickly, there’s a solution:

It’s called the Evalast Fire Clip.

It’s an inexpensive little gadget you can use as a key ring and even a bottle opener.

The “match” unscrews from the body of the unit, which is an airtight reservoir for lighter fluid (which means it takes a lot longer for it to evaporate).

You can get yours right here.

You strike the end of the match on the body of the lighter, and it lights the wick, giving you a powerful reusable match that burns bright and hot.

Plus, the carabiner-style clip lets you attach this little survival gizmo anywhere you like.

This is a great little tool that doesn’t cost much, either.

Use it to keep fire constantly at your fingertips… knowing that it will work when you need it to.

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