You might need to break the law to escape violence

Have you ever thought about breaking the law?

What I mean is, sometimes, in desperate situations, you might have to do something that you wouldn’t normally do…

…because your life depends on it.

Especially now, with mobs intimidating and even extorting people in their homes, in restaurants, in stores

… You might need to “escape and evade” to get away from a group of people who are out to hurt you for no reason.

You could be the wrong color, at the wrong time, in the wrong place, you know?

Well, if that happens, you need a way to get past locked doors, padlocks, and secured gates that might stand in your way.

And yes, you wouldn’t normally break into people’s locks… but it’s actually stupidly easy to do.

The average padlock, for example, is EASY to pick.

And if you have the right tools?

It’s “open sesame,” and no barrier can stand in your way.

I found an affordable set of picks that comes with a plastic “practice lock.”

Using this set, you can easily teach yourself to pick most locks, and do it FAST.

Once you’ve done it, you’ll be amazed how differently you look at the locks around you.

They’re all just based on “faith”… and they’re waiting for you to crack them open.

You can get your set here from Survival Frog.

I love mine, and I used it to get really good at lockpicking with just a little practice.

You can, too.