Why “operators” don’t like shoulder holsters

If you’ve ever taken one of those high-speed, low-drag close-quarters shooting classes, you know that “operator” types are a little reluctant when it comes to shoulder holsters.

That’s because the draw for a shoulder holster presents some problems when it comes to close-quarters fighting on your feet.

  • You have to be more careful not to “muzzle” people around you when you draw across your body from a shoulder holster.
  • Reaching across your body can also “telegraph” what you’re doing, so you have to make sure you have more distance between you and the attacker so he can’t grab for your arm.
    The thing is, though, there’s one place that these “operators” don’t find themselves that you do, probably almost every day.

That’s your car.

And with so many people attacking cars and stopping traffic lately, you need a way to carry a substantial weapon that you can get at easily.

That’s what a shoulder holster does: It lets you carry even a full-size pistol totally comfortably when you’re sitting down.

But more importantly, it makes it easy for you to get to while you’re seated in a vehicle!

I found one recently that is so comfortable, I could pack a great big honking Desert Eagle in it if I wanted to.

And if you need to draw your weapon because you’re being threatened in your car, you can get to it FAST and EASILY.

Quite frankly, there is no better protection for when you’re sitting…

…and honestly, with colder weather coming for much of the country, this is a great way to conceal even a large gun under your jacket.

You can check it out here.

Just make sure that you’re armed to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Things are getting more insane than ever out there, and with the elections on the way… well, I don’t need to tell you that more riots are on the way.

Be safe out there.

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