Tip: How To Make Dirt-Cheap Med Kits

Have you ever been in a dollar store and seen one of those cheap one-dollar first aid kits?

There’s not much in there – just a few band-aids, maybe a piece of gauze, and a couple of other items.

But just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade that little medical kit to make a great drop-in kit for your pocket (such as when you’re hiking), or for your bugout bags.

In fact, if you’ve got multiple survival kits, this is a quick way to make multiple first-aid kits cheaply.
Just do a little extra shopping in that dollar store, and add the following items to the kit:

  1. A sewing kit, which can do double duty for extreme emergency sutures.
  2. Single-use super-glue tubes, which can seal small wounds.
  3. Antibacterial ointment, which doesn’t come in the kit but is a must-have.
  4. A disposable lighter for sterilizing needles and cutting blades.
  5. A razor blade or other cutting edge that will sit flat in the kit.
  6. Some duct tape, which you can unroll from the big roll, then fold flat on itself so it will fit in the kit.

If you get all these items in the same dollar store, you just got a much better first-aid kit for only 7 dollars, and you were able to customize the content to whatever you needed.

Not bad, huh? Not only is it cheap, but it’s EASY… and when you’re building your survival kits, you can use the same strategy.

In addition to medical kits, a lot of people want to build survival kits, or build up the one they have (or make multiple kits, etc.)… but they’re not sure how to start.

Starting with some small, commercial kit is a great way to customize and build up a survival kit, or any number of them, that are perfect for you and your family.

For example, you can get one of the little “survival grenades” pictured here…

…and then use its contents either to build up another kit, or to form the basis of a completely new kit.

If you look around a little, you can find all kinds of pouches and containers to put survival kits in… and don’t be afraid to get creative!

For example, a lot of us don’t use Compact Discs anymore… but there are still compact disc cases out there that make perfect survival kit storage.

Use your imagination and you can build up a supply of survival kits very inexpensively… and even give them as gifts while you’re trying to “convert” friends and family over to survival.

Again, not a bad way to get started… and a perfect way to customize what you want for your gear without busting your budget!