This weapon is so sneaky, you’ll forget you have it

One of the things I think we all worry about is not having a blade when we need one.

The problem is, our society is always working AGAINST those of us who believe in being prepared.

When you add up all the places that want to make you a criminal for carrying an ordinary folding knife, it might be easier to make a list of the places where you CAN take your knife.

But despite all those stupid rules, every one of us needs to have a sharp blade on us at all times.

There are countless utility tasks you need a knife to do.

Then there are emergencies, where being able to cut a seat belt, or cut a kid’s shoelaces free from an escalator, or anything else you just can’t predict where you need a knife, you know?

Heck, even if you just want to be able to open a package without dragging your car keys repeatedly across the tape, you need a knife!

Well, one solution is a blade that can fit into your wallet… that is so flat, and so small when folded, you’ll forget that it’s even in there.

I’m talking about these slick little credit card knives:

When these first came out, they were really pricey, and I remember seeing them listed in catalogs like “The Sharper Image.”

Now, you can get them dirt cheap – and even free, with some promotions.

I always carry one in my wallet, and I keep some extras around the house, too.

If you’d like to pick some up, you can get a couple here…

…For just the cost of shipping them to you.

No, it’s not really a “tactical fighting knife”… but it IS a slick little utility knife that you’ll always have with you as long as you have your wallet.

That, to me, is just part of being prepared.

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