This knife defense FAILS every time!

Facing a knife is not just one of the biggest fears every "citizen defender" has... it's also the most likely danger. Knives are readily available, and even a screwdriver is enough to stab you to death.

Facing a knife is not just one of the biggest fears every “citizen defender” has… it’s also the most likely danger.

Knives are readily available, and even a screwdriver is enough to stab you to death.

But there’s one knife defense I can’t believe ANYONE still advocates..

I was first taught this same knife defense when I took Karate about a million years ago.

You step back and perform an upper block to block the downward-stabbing arm (assuming an overhand Psycho-style stabbing attack).

When the arm is blocked, you step in and punch with the other hand.

Right off the bat, you can see what’s wrong, can’t you?

There’s nothing to stop the guy from drawing his knife back and slicing open your blocking arm… and of course if he “attacks you wrong,” you’ll never get a chance to use the block in the first place!

Plus, defenses like this completely ignore the fact that a lot of us are carrying knives of our own.

So how do you defend yourself from people who might be armed… especially when you armed with a blade of your own?

Well, it’s not actually that hard.

This has everything you need to know about it… and it’s a nice, simple approach.
But no matter what you carry or how you use it, just remember…

…those Karate knife blocks do NOT work, so please don’t attempt them.

Be safe out there!

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