This is why men fail their loved ones

From power outages to the pandemic to blackouts and all kinds of OTHER threats, it's more important now than ever before that we gear up to protect our families. This massive guide can help you do that, and we can ALL use all the help we can get.
Everyone has that “prepper moment.”

It’s when they realize that THEY are the only ones who can protect their families.

For me, it was Hurricane Katrina.

That’s when I heard all the horror stories about the refugee center at the Superdome.
I didn’t ever want my family to look at me and say, “Why didn’t you protect us?”

But every day, other people make the same mistake.

They don’t prepare.

They don’t learn about survival and they don’t take action…

…Because they think it “can’t happen to them.”

This is called “cognitive dissonance.”

It’s believing that “it can’t happen to me,” and it’s the single biggest reason people don’t prepare.

To avoid making that mistake, you have to start prepping for a much longer list of threats – things that maybe, just maybe, you don’t really think can happen to you.

(You know, like a lot of people thought about the pandemic.)

“But Kristian,” you’re probably thinking, “It’s impossible to prepare for everything, or even ALMOST everything.”

Well, no, it isn’t – if you have a shortcut, a checklist, and a guide to what you need to start prepping for.

I found all that and more in 9 Meals Away From Anarchy.

There’s a video on that page, but you can click “I Prefer To Read It” if you’d rather read about what’s in the book.

(If you do get the book, you’ll see another offer after that, but you can skip that and it doesn’t change anything – you’ll get a download link in your email right away.)

It’s a massive 219-page one-stop survival guide that covers almost EVERYTHING.

It even has handy checklists for gear, what to stockpile, and how to manage your supplies.

On page 12, for example, is a really great discussion of our mental responses to emergency stress.

On page 101, I found helpful tips for what to do when your food supplies start running low.

Page 131 had survival for pandemics (of course), and after that, whole sections on radiation, biological, and chemical attacks.

On page 157 is a section on weapons, tools, and equipment, including things you can find and improvise.

Heck, there’s even a handy glossary of “prepper terms.”

This is a great one-stop guide for getting up to speed and starting your preps for ALL those things that you “don’t think can happen to you.”

Those things have happened to thousands of other Americans and they are REAL dangerous, even if you haven’t thought about them.

From power outages to the pandemic to blackouts and all kinds of OTHER threats, it’s more important now than ever before that we gear up to protect our families.

This massive guide can help you do that, and we can ALL use all the help we can get.
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