Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit & Heat Shield Combo

24 by 24 by 15 inches



The Pop-Up Fire Pit is a 2-square-foot solution for when you need a campfire quickly and want to leave a minimal impact. This portable pit can be set up in about a minute without tools, screws, or bolts. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, it burns with less smoke due to increased airflow. Once the fire’s extinguished, the 8-pound pit cools down in less than two minutes while leaving almost no trace of a fire. It also packs up smaller than most fold-out chairs in the included carry bag. While it’s most ideal for RV trips, camping, or tailgating, it can even be set up atop your lawn or wood deck because of its elevated frame and heat shield.

Good To-Go 5-Day Emergency Food Kit

2 to 5 years



Anyone who’s ever eaten an MRE will know why it’s often called “Meal Rejected by Everyone.” Thankfully, Good To-Go is leading the movement toward prepackaged food that tastes yummy yet will remain shelf stable for years. Its 5-Day Emergency Food Kit is ideal for a home cache during a natural disaster, but could serve just as well during a road trip or weekend of camping. This box is filled with five breakfasts and 10 single-serving entrees — from Mexican quinoa bowl to herbed mushroom risotto. While some taste better than others, all the meals are calorie dense (important for survival), easy to prep (just add boiling water), and made from nutritious ingredients (with names you can actually pronounce) — and light-years tastier than canned meat and hardtack.

Pokka Pens Variety Pak

Packs of 3, 5, 10, or 20

Starting at $8.45


Let’s make this clear: These are not tactical pens. But what the Pokka Pen does offer is a compact, lightweight, durable, and affordable writing implement that’s easy to pocket. Because if it’s not convenient enough to carry daily, you won’t have it when you need it — whether that’s for something as mundane as jotting a list on a Post-it Note or for more dire situations like leaving a message for your survival group. The Pokka’s most attractive feature is that it’s just 3.3 inches long when closed, since the short barrel fits inside the long cap. To open it, just flip the barrel around and now you’ve got a 5.5-inch-long pen. Plus, the ink cartridges are replaceable. Made in the USA.

ZipStitch Laceration Kit

ZipStitch, bandage, gauze pad, alcohol wipe

Starting at $20 per kit


Imagine you’ve stumbled while hiking and opened a gash on your knee. Though it might not be life-threatening, you’ll need to stop the bleeding and get stitches. What do you do if you’re five miles from civilization, let alone a doctor? ZipStitch is an innovative alternative to stitches that you can apply to minor cuts in the field in seconds. Each ZipStitch features two 1.5-inch adhesive strips connected by four polymer zip ties. Place the strips on either side of the cut then pull them together by pulling the micro-adjustable zip ties individually, providing just the right amount of force to close the wound, increase healing, and decrease scarring. It’s a needle-free method of stitching up small lacerations.

Urban Armor Gear Plasma MacBook Pro Case

Various models of the 13-inch and 15-inch Apple MacBook Pros



If we spend so much thought and money on a case for our $500 phones, shouldn’t we do the same for our $1,500 laptops? That’s why Urban Armor Gear has the Plasma Series, a lineup of armor for your MacBook Pro. Rather than two separate pieces with most cases, it features a clamshell-style design and impact-resistant bumpers to match the shape and function of your computer, allowing for a secure dual lock screen closure. The Plasma’s shell has cooling vents for smooth airflow, while its bumpers offer a tactile grip to prevent any slippage. But if your Mac does accidentally fall, the case meets Mil-spec standards for drop tests. The Plasma offers peace of mind when it comes to your most valuable (digital) assets.

Nite Ize Radiant 250 Headlamp

Charcoal, Teal



The Radiant 250 is attractive for several reasons, but the two big ones are price and fuel. At $30, this headlamp provides solid performance at half the price of its peers. And because it runs on three AAA batteries, it won’t be difficult to find replacement batteries. As its name implies, the Radiant can put out a max of 250 lumens for up to five and a half hours or 38 lumens for 46 hours. It also has a flood mode to light up your nearby environment for up to 28 hours, as well as a red light (at 8 lumens) to preserve your night vision. The impact- and water-resistant body has intuitive controls and can tilt 90 degrees for easy beam adjustment.

Survivor Filter Pro X Electric Water Filter

13.75 ounces



Survival Filter says that its Pro X Electric Water Filter is the world’s first handheld portable electric survival water filter. Some luddites might be screaming, claiming that a reliance on batteries and more moving parts could increase your chances for failure. But this device is well built, pretty easy to use, and powered by perhaps the most common battery type available, AA. Plus, it can produce 17 ounces of water per minute, meaning you can set it up by a creek, hit the on button, and have drinking water by the time you finish prepping your basecamp. It filters out bacteria, viruses, and parasites to 99.999 percent and significantly reduces heavy metals — allowing you to safely consume water from most natural bodies of water.

Injinji Outdoor Midweight Crew NuWool

Bluegrass, Bluesteel, Charcoal, Oatmeal, Ocean, Tomato



Technology has finally caught up to Mother Nature, at least when it comes to sheep’s clothing. Wool is a super fabric because it retains warmth even when wet, is naturally moisture wicking, and is odor resistant. But it causes itchiness and doesn’t last as long as, say, cotton. That’s why Injinji’s Outdoor Midweight Crew NuWool combines wool with acrylic, nylon, and Lycra to increase comfort and durability. Add a five-toe design, extra cushioning on the footbed, and a supportive band for arch support, and this sock provides superior performance for anyone who wants to conquer the outdoors but stay comfy at the same time.

Mission First Tactical Minimalist Wallet




If you’re sick of carrying a giant wad of leather and paper that’s called your bifold wallet, consider downsizing with Mission First Tactical’s Minimalist Wallet. Handmade by veterans in the USA from 0.08-inch-thick Boltaron (a polymer), the Minimalist Wallet is a holster for your financial EDC gear. It can fit up to eight credit cards and is very simple to use. The wallet is available with more than a dozen designs, from the U.S. flag to the DTOM banner. Each design is chemically bonded to the polymer to ensure that it’s wear and scratch resistant.

Helle Knives Kletten

5.3 inches



The Kletten isn’t just an elegant gentleman’s knife. It isn’t just Helle Knives’ smallest model. It’s also a survival knife disguised as a little folding knife. The 2.1-inch blade features a laser-like Scandinavian flat grind that allows for both precise detailing as well as broad slicing, and its triple-laminated stainless steel offers both strength and corrosion resistance. The curly birch handle scales are reinforced with stainless steel liners and a super strong lockback locking mechanism. While it doesn’t have a pocket clip or a thumbstud, Helle’s first EDC folding knife does come with a classy leather lanyard and a polishing cloth. Kletten means “little mountain” in Norwegian — an apt moniker if ever there was one.

Uncharted Supply Co. The Zeus

7.16 by 3.35 by 1.76 inches



It might look like a red brick of polymer, but the Zeus is actually a multi-tool. At its core is a portable jump starter. With 20,000 mAh, it has enough juice to jump-start large trucks multiple times. This heavy-duty power bank comes with battery clamps, eliminating the need for cumbersome 12-foot jumper cables and two awkwardly parked vehicles. Or maybe you have to pump air into tires instead? The Zeus has a cigarette power adapter to connect an air compressor. It also has two USB ports to charge your mobile devices. And if you require roadside assistance in the dark, it has a flashlight with three modes so you can see and be seen.

Urban Carvers Breakaway

3.25 inches

Starting at $25


Standard pull-apart keychains kept failing Dustin Bean. So, the rock climber and tree service owner decided to design his own. Enter the Urban Carvers Breakaway — a quick-detach double keyring on steroids. Each one features no moving parts, a solid yet lightweight two-piece construction, and N48 neodymium magnets with an incredibly strong 12-pound rating. And it comes in a variety of styles, finishes, and quality materials. For example, the Black Out version ($25) is made of Delrin (a copolymer) with steel rings, the Atomic 13 ($38) is composed of 6061 aluminum with titanium rings, and the Ti Grooved Anodized ($75) is built from solid GR5 titanium with titanium rings. The Breakaway is durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Made in the USA.

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