The Amazing New Shockwave Torch Makes Bad Guys SH*T Their Pants In Terror!

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There’s a kind of “arms race” taking place between the government and those of us who just want to protect ourselves and our families. The market invents a new weapon that we can use to fight off muggers, rapists, and even home invaders…and then our government passes laws to make those same weapons illegal.


Well, one of these weapons is the “stun club,” a stun gun so powerful it can make a bad guy crap his pants when you zap him with it. It’s got a built in flashlight, and it’s a great way to deliver “less lethal” force. I mean, if you could press a button and drop a guy in his tracks, wouldn’t you want that ability?


Plus, the thing looks like a flashlight (and even has a light built in, although that’s not the point):

The problem is, more and more places are making these stun gun tools illegal.

The manufacturer recently said it's getting ready to stop selling these,
because they're close to clearing out their inventory
(staying one step ahead of new bans).

Once they’re gone, they’re gone…

I don’t know about you, but I intend to get what I can to protect the people I care about, while I can get it…and…

Right now, they are selling at 50% off…

If you want one of these powerful self-defense tools, therefore, you have to get it now (and you can pick up yours here if they still have inventory).

Are You Tactical Or A “Prepared Citizen?” If You Are Truly Tactical, You Should Get 100% Correct.   

Just a few simple questions can easily tell how “tactical” you are as a human being. Are you truly “tactical” or a “prepared citizen?”
There are no right or wrong answers (well, okay, there are a couple of wrong answers)…But most people who are tactical get 100% of the answers correct.
This quiz is to help evaluate how prepared you are to meet the threats you might face in life. We also hope it helps some people identify where you may need work….the sooner you know where you need work, the sooner you can add to your training.

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Instagram “knife cults” – what I learned

They love fixed blades and fast-opening folders.
And as long as you have a good, simple, powerful fixed blade like this one, well… you’re better armed than most of the population (and you can even take someone with a gun at extreme close quarters).

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