Rioters will KILL YOU for this

If you’ve been watching the coverage of the race riots that are taking over our country, you know that cities around the country are braced for more looting and unrest.

A man was just hunted down and shot to death in Portland…

…for wearing the wrong hat.

I’m worried about the safety of my family and whether these thugs will get to MY house…

…because we’re seeing more and more reports of these rioters attacking private homes now (they just tried to burn Mayor Ted Wheeler’s apartment building, in fact).

Understandably, a lot of people want to fight back.

But some of the weapons they’re using just don’t cut it.

— One guy tried to face down a mob with a bow and arrow… but he couldn’t knock arrows fast enough, and they overwhelmed him, beat him, and burned his car. (He’s also been charged with a crime.)

— Another guy tried to defend his shop with a sword… but that weapon wasn’t up to the task, because the crowd rushed him and beat him near to death. (He might even have died from his injuries by now.)

— Yet another couple tried begging with the rioters and shouting, “We’re on your side! We’re on your side!” But the race rioters don’t care if you think you’re their “ally” or not. They’ll burn your store and kill you if you’re in the path of their destruction.

The ONLY thing that is going to stop rioters and looters from invading your home and attacking your family is a gun.

But you need more than that — you need a PLAN for how to use it, how to keep your guns handy, which ones to choose, and how to deploy them.

In other words, you need the information in The Firearms Survival Guide.

The Firearms Survival Guide isn’t just a “how to” book on guns, but on gun rights.

It will teach you how to hide your guns, how to defend your gun rights from the constant attacks on them, and how to live your life as a “gun person” even though so many people in our government HATE YOU.

You can learn more and get your copy here.

It’s the information every gun owner needs — and especially right now, more than ever, as violent savages attack our homes, ransack our businesses, and burn down whole neighborhoods.

I’ll be up late this weekend with a shotgun at the ready in case they come to MY door… and I’ll be reading my copy of The Firearms Survival Guide.

Watch your backs this weekend, because your family depends on you.

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