Protecting your home without a gun?

Every time I look at the news, I see more attacks on private homes.

The street violence has now come to every house and apartment in the United States.

And it’s getting worse.
Mobs and rioters trying to burn down apartment buildings…

…people getting hunted in the streets for wearing the wrong political hat…

…And authorities looking the other way, letting the mobs and rioters get away with terrorizing us over and over again.
Well, I don’t intend to let them make me a victim.

And that’s why I’ve got two components to my budget-friendly, “crackhead home security system.”

(See, it’s good for home defense against both mobs and the occasional crackhead home invader.)

Now, you may be wondering: “I get the shotgun, but why the machete?”

But see, I don’t think of my machete as a machete.

I think of it as a SWORD.

The reality is, swords are powerful weapons.

And, no, a sword can’t beat a gun from across a room… but there are LOTS of reasons you might not be able to carry a gun.

Plus, within arm’s reach, a big blade can do much MORE damage than a bullet.

That’s why the vicious gang, MS-13, prefers them.

“Wait,” you’re probably saying. “Since when does MS-13 run around with SWORDS?”

Well, they do – it’s just that their “swords” are MACHETES.

That’s all a machete is, after all. It’s a sword.

And while some people who don’t understand swords think they’re “stupid” for self-defense (and would tell you so on the Internet if you ever asked them), several years back there was one guy who wrote the book on using swords for self-defense.

The book he wrote, Street Sword, caused a lot of “traditional martial arts” people to lose their minds at the time.

That’s because the book teaches ANYONE the body mechanics of how to use a machete or a sword safely and effectively, all while defending your home or fighting off somebody who’s trying to attack you.

When this book came out years ago, it was the first one of its kind.

Because it’s been out of print for years, it commands MASSIVE prices on Amazon for used copies.

The good news is, now you can own a digital copy for much, much less.

Get your copy of Street Sword here.

It will quickly and easily prepare you to use any big blade to protect yourself…

…And these dangerous, violent days, that’s exactly the type of information we ALL need.