Practice with your gun – in your living room

The pandemic, the lockdowns, the quarantines… they’ve made it more difficult than ever to get to the range and practice.

If you’re a gun owner like me, you know it isn’t just about honing your skills, either.

Shooting is fun and relaxing — a kind of therapy for gun guys like us.

But right now, ammo is IMPOSSIBLE to find, and getting out to the range is harder than ever.

Well, that’s where dry fire and airsoft come in.

With dry fire and airsoft, you can practice right in your living room — and that’s what I do!

(Here’s my airsoft revolver, which I like because it can fire six shots just by thumbing back the hammer for each one.)

But how how do you keep your at-home practice fun and exciting?

After all, it can get boring just clicking away on an empty chamber, or shooting airsoft targets.

How do you get the most out of your home training so that it stays interesting?

Well, I found a series of 91 gun drill sheets for pistols and rifles from firearms expert Mike Seeklander.

(He’ll even send you some samples, like the piece of a drill shown here, for free to your email so you can see what the drills are all about.)

Anybody can afford this pack of drills, and they’ll completely up your game when it comes to getting the most fun and training value out of your at-home shoot drills.

With either dry fire, air soft, or even one of those laser pistol training devices, anybody can use these 91 drills to become an expert shooter…

…all from the comfort of your living room or bedroom!

You can get your copy here.

Have fun — and keep shooting!

(With as nuts as the world has gotten out there, we need to be ready with our guns more than ever before.)