This is what the Kenosha rioters look like

Well, we said it would get worse, and it has.

Mobs are attacking private homes, trying to burn down apartment buildings, hunting down and shooting Trump supporters in the streets, and attacking people with everything from bricks and knives and guns… to flamethrowers.

But if you protect yourself with a gun, they’ll smear you in the press like they did that kid in Kenosha… and YOU will be the bad guy, charged with “murder” for defending yourself.

Meanwhile, these are the “peaceful protesters” you’re up against:

(Yes, those are homemade shields with SPIKES built into them, to maim their victims.)

With the streets as violent as they’ve become…

…with Antifa thugs and BLM rioters forcing people to do as they say, OR ELSE…

…what do you do?

How do you protect yourself and your family… while using only just enough force to do the job?

The answer is a “shock flashlight.”

It’s basically a stun gun with a light built in, and it’s got enough power to make an attacker fill his pants when you zap him with it.

The problem is, more and more states are making these illegal – so they’re in kind of a legal “gray area” for the rest of us.

The site where I get mine from recently warned us that they were finally selling out and would not have these anymore once they do – because they’ve been clearing out their inventory to stay ahead of the government ban-hammer.

If you want one, you can pick up yours here, but only if they still have some in stock.

If the page doesn’t work, or sends you to a different offer by the same manufacturer, you’ll know they’re gone for good.

(After all, we wouldn’t want ordinary people like you and me defending themselves too easily, would we?)

It bugs me that things work that way, but there’s no getting around the reality now… so get yours while you can if you’d like one.

Be safe out there.

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