One click to fool “big brother” and Big Tech

George Orwell’s famous book, 1984, describes a future society where the government watches everybody.

It isn’t fiction – it’s happening right now.
The government routinely monitors emails and phone calls using computer technology to search for “keywords.”

“Big Tech,” like Facebook and Twitter, not only patrol what you post for “hate speech” if they disagree, but censor any political opinion they don’t like.

The GPS on your phone tracks everywhere you go… and even if you turn it off, law enforcement can request these records.
There are some “one click solutions,” like turning off location on your phone to make tracking you a LITTLE more difficult.

You can even mount a disinformation campaign on social media, posting things that are WRONG to throw off “Big Tech” and “Big Brother.”

(You know, like posting the wrong birthday, “checking in” at places you haven’t been, etc.)

But to truly stop the all-seeing eye of Big Brother from watching you every minute, you need to to take a few more specific, easy-to-follow steps.

The steps aren’t hard, but they’re longer than we can put in a single email.

We got them from Avoiding the Eye, a book by Richard Marshall that outlines everything you need to do to keep Facebook, Twitter, and your government from keeping tabs on you.

You can get your copy here while they’re in stock.

Don’t wait, though – because as the censorship ramps up during election season, things are only going to get worse out there.

And if things don’t go the way we want them to in November, well… if you think it’s bad NOW, just wait until the wrong party has control of the government.