Material Matters: Testing Nonmetallic Weapons

Nonmetallic knives aren’t a new phenomenon. Man’s earliest weapons consisted of pointed staves and sharpened stone, which were quite effective for hunting, skinning, carving, and fighting. Today, nonmetallic weapons have benefitted greatly from durable and

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Pocket Preps: Gut Hook Knives

Humans have field dressed four-legged sustenance since that first caveman chiseled a pointy tip on a downed tree branch. Did he, or the millions of hunters who came after, have a gut hook knife? Nope.

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Gear Up Issue 36

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit & Heat Shield Combo DIMENSIONS 24 by 24 by 15 inches MSRP $120 URLfiresideoutdoor.com NOTES The Pop-Up Fire Pit is a 2-square-foot solution for when you need a campfire quickly

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