Instagram “knife cults” – what I learned

They love fixed blades and fast-opening folders. And as long as you have a good, simple, powerful fixed blade like this one, well... you're better armed than most of the population (and you can even take someone with a gun at extreme close quarters).

You might or might not know that Instagram has a lot of “knife people” on it.

But I’ve noticed that there’s a special breed of knife user specific to that social media site:

Knife Cults!

And I don’t mean that as a bad thing.

Let me explain…

What I Learned From Instagram “Knife Cults”

A “knife cult” is like a martial art, except devoted to using knives for self-defense.

Groups like Libre fightingPiper Knife, even Ed’s Manifesto… they’re all what I’d call “knife cults.”

And they teach you some VERY important lessons about how to use a blade for self-defense.

Here are 3 that I learned just from looking at their posts and videos:

1. A Knife Beats Almost Any Martial Art Strategy

Lots of people out there do martial arts, and many of them do MMA (mixed martial arts).

These people are very confident in their fighting abilities… but when you’re grappling with a guy and he pulls an effective CQC fixed blade

…well, you’re DEAD.
Instagram knife cults taught me that as long as I’m carrying a good blade, I can neutralize a lot of different martial arts strategies and tactics.

2. More People Are Armed Than We Realized

This was kind of an eye opener.

I used to watch “Cops” on television because I liked to see what kind of weapons real criminals were carrying.

Well, cruise through Instagram knife people’s timelines sometime.
A lot of them are armed… with deadlier weaponry than I ever would have imagined.

You can extrapolate that to understand that MANY of the people you encounter in your daily life are armed, even if they don’t make any sign of it.

3. Keep It Super Simple For STRENGTH

One theme all of these knife groups have in common is that they stress simplicity.

They love fixed blades and fast-opening folders.
And as long as you have a good, simple, powerful fixed blade like this one, well… you’re better armed than most of the population (and you can even take someone with a gun at extreme close quarters).

No matter what blade you choose, though, I’ve learned from my explorations online that you’ve GOT to be armed for self-defense.

These dangerous days, it just makes sense to carry a force multiplier

…and to understand that, wherever you go, there are LOTS of people who are ALSO armed.

Watch your backs out there!
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