I’m worried about gun control, so I bought THIS

With this razor-sharp piece of steel singing through the air, even mobs of violent rioters will think twice about getting close to you. Not only can this Survival Frog machete be used for any survival task you put before it, but YES, it can also be used like short sword!
I’m watching all the gun control they’re talking about putting in place, and I’m worried.

I’m worried about defending my family.
I’m worried about protecting my home.
And I’m willing to bet you are, too.

I mean, they’re talking about putting us in “reeducation camps” and “deprogramming” those of us who don’t agree with this “brave new world!”

And that’s not going to happen to me or mine — and I’m betting it won’t happen to YOU, either!

In addition to my shotgun, and something that’s not on ANY “ban list” or registry, are my razor-sharp machetes.
In fact, I own a BUNCH of machetes – but the one I like more than any of the others, the TACT Machete from Survival Frog, I like so much that I was MAD at myself for buying just one!

I ended up going back to the website and buying another one so I could keep it in my car.
But if you’re smarter than I was – which wouldn’t be hard, ha ha – you can take advantage of Survival Frog’s quantity deals.

At that link for the TACT Machete, you can buy multiple machetes at once, saving on shipping AND getting some great extras!

But let’s be honest – it’s not just about getting a good deal.

One of the reasons I’m so focused on having machetes close at hand is that I’m worried about the people rioting, looting, and burning in the streets.

These thugs are focused on using violence, and intimidation, and extortion, to make you PAY for things they think your ancestors did.

And as we saw recently when the media went NUTS over that couple who defended their home with an AR-15 and a pistol, the news doesn’t care if you’re just protecting yourself.

They sure aren’t going to HELP you.

And that means you’ve got to ARM yourself with one of the most powerful survival tools and weapons there is.

You need a machete.

Now, you may already have one (or more), and that’s fine.

It doesn’t hurt to have a back-up.

But this particular machete is designed not just for survival, but to handle like a beautiful weapon.

(That’s why I decided to get another one.)

With this razor-sharp piece of steel singing through the air, even mobs of violent rioters will think twice about getting close to you.

Not only can this Survival Frog machete be used for any survival task you put before it, but YES, it can also be used like a short sword.

It’s INSANELY sharp, VERY strong, and best of all…

It’s affordable!
That’s right – this quality machete won’t cost you a fortune, which means you can even buy multiple machetes.

I put one by each of my doors and also in my truck.

No, it’s not better than a gun… but it’s a GREAT backup that will never run out of ammo or jam when you need it most.

And if you can’t get a gun, for whatever reason, this is the next best thing.

Get yours at this page and take advantage of the multiple-buy options.

You deserve this level of razor-sharp protection and survival preparedness!

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