I tried to buy survival food and couldn’t. . .

I figure a lot of you are probably just as worried as I am about this whole coronavirus thing.

I don’t know what to expect about shortages, but I’m worried that if I had to stay in my house for days or even weeks because they quarantined my town, I wouldn’t have enough food.

I tried to buy survival food from one of the big freeze-dried survival food suppliers, but – you guessed it – EVERYBODY is trying to buy survival food, so there’s a waiting list that is months long.

I did find something that might help, though.

This guide – which you can get as either a physical book, a “digital” book, or both – taps into the “lost knowledge” of the pioneer settlers.

It has a LOT of information about “superfoods” and other do-it-yourself, “old-timey” solutions for long-term survival.

With people making their own hand sanitizer because the stores are sold out, it’s just a matter of time before we have to rely on other Do It Yourself solutions, like for food.

I knew as soon as I found this book that I had better get a copy, and you might want one too.

If you do, you can get it here.