I HATED my father for teaching me. . . survival?

When I was a kid, my father was one of those “Do It Yourself” types.

He was always working on some kind of project.

Every week I’d hear those dreaded words…

“I’m going to need your help this weekend.”

As a kid, I wanted to play, not work.

But work I did, doing everything from helping to remodel our house to tending a HUGE garden to building a variety of other things that improved our home.

And as an adult, a funny thing keeps happening to me:

I keep discovering how much I know that I didn’t realize.

When something breaks around the house, I realize I know how to fix it.

When I need something from the hardware store, I realize I’ve seen and learned about that product before.

And when I’m finding ways to protect my home and my property, planning for the future by stockpiling, or just carrying the Everyday Carry tools I need to get through life…

…it’s all because of what my father taught me.

I know a little bit about everything – exactly the way a survivalist and prepper should.

But I’m always looking to learn more… and what about people who didn’t have the benefit of a childhood like that?

Everybody has different skills, after all, and not everybody’s mother or father was a DIY fiend like my father was.

Well, if you’d like a crash course in “old school” knowledge, the kind of information that prepares you for a lifetime of problem solving and survival, there is no better source than The Lost Ways.

This is “old school” wisdom that my father, and HIS father, would have been taught, and passed on to their sons and daughters.

I think that’s one of the reasons I like it so much.

You can check out The Lost Ways, and get access to this information, on this page.

I used to hate my father for making me work, but now, as an adult, I love him for it.

And every time I read The Lost Ways, I smile.

You will, too.