I almost go into a fight at Wal-Mart

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The other day I was out trying to make a last, fast run for supplies at the local Wal-Mart… like everybody else who was in there.

At some point I maneuvered my cart through a crowd of people who I guess were all part of the same family or group.

The dad of the group shouts after me, “Hey! How about an apology!”

I think he was mad that I just kind of motored through them all without saying anything… but his tone was so snotty, and I was so stressed, that I made a mistake.

I called out, “F— you!”

Now, anybody will tell you that you have to avoid the f-word if you don’t want to get into a fight with somebody.

I was stressed out, just like everybody else, and worried about getting everything I needed (and worried about what was going to be missing from the shelves).

Well, Suburban Dad calls back to me, yelling “F— you too, pal,” calling me that word that means a “bundle of sticks,” and everything else you can think of.

Well, in between thinking that I need to brush up on my dirty fight tricks, like the ones I learned from Russell Stutely, and realizing that I should have just shouted, “Sorry, my bad,” and kept going, I realized something:

He’s just stressed out like I am.

He’s worried about his family, just like I am… and he’s so nuts with fear that he’s willing to get into a fight in a Wal-Mart while the news is telling everybody to stay 3 feet away from everybody else.

Like, is your ego worth either one of us getting into a fight… or locked into a jail cell with a bunch of other sick people coughing on us?

My point is that we all need to just hold it together, stay calm, and remember that everybody is in the same boat.

Try to be patient and kind, no matter how freaked out you’re feeling… because that’s how we’re going to get through this.

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