How NEVER to stop a mob while you’re in your car

A couple days ago, I wrote about how a man was driving his vehicle down a public street in Portland when “protesters” chased him down and made him crash.

Then they beat him almost to DEATH.

And the New York Post wrote a story about how he posted a “meme” the reporter didn’t like, as if that justified trying to kill him!

The WORST part of the video of this incident was watching that poor driver beg for help.

The mob was absolutely merciless, and didn’t care if he was hurt.

That means begging these monsters for your life is the WORST way to try and deal with them.

But I guarantee if that driver had a GUN, things would have been different.

And the ONLY reason these mobs have been allowed to take over our streets is because the people in charge have made it harder than ever for you to carry your gun.

But did you know there’s a concealed carry loophole you can exploit to your benefit?

That’s right: If you have a permit, or you can legally get a permit in another state, that means that you can carry in up to 28 OTHER STATES.

That’s more than half the country where you can be legally armed – and that means these thugs can’t TOUCH YOU if they know what’s good for them!
You can learn more about this Concealed Carry Loophole on this page.

It’s easy, and there are a bunch of bonus books you can also download, all of which will help you protect yourself and your family while staying armed.

I do NOT intend to let these vicious mobs make me a victim.

I know you don’t want that, either.

Be safe out there.

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