Gun owners, they’re targeting YOU in traffic now

By now, you’re realizing that mobs of violent “protesters” are targeting innocent Americans who are just trying to drive down the street.

(They’re also attacking them in their homes, as people in Seattle and Portland have found out.)

Recently, a mob of protesters surrounded a vehicle in Austin, and one of them – Garrett Foster – approached the driver with an AK-47.

Here’s what that looked like:

If a mob of protesters surrounds YOUR vehicle and starts shooting into it, you’re going to have to be able to get to your gun… FAST.

And if you have a gun and a carry permit (or you live somewhere you can carry without a special license), you NEED to be carrying your gun.

But do you know the number 1 reason people get out of the habit of carrying their guns all the time?

“It’s just not comfortable.”

The fact is, in order to be armed AT ALL TIMES to handle the violent streets of America right now, you need a comfortable, versatile, secure holster for your weapon.

The one I use, the perfect one for these violent streets, is the Brave Response Holster:

This isn’t some cheap holster, either.

It’s an extremely durable, high-quality holster that can fit a wide range of handguns securely.

It wears well, it’s extremely comfortable, and it lets you get to your gun LIGHTNING FAST.

I know several people who, while they aren’t “operators,” carry guns for work, and they swear by this high-quality holster.

You can get yours here.

Don’t cheap out with some “Uncle Mike’s” floppy piece of Nylon.

Get this sturdy, versatile holster and carry your gun EVERY DAY.

You never know, anymore, when violence – especially extreme mob violence with firearms – is going to explode around you, whether you’re driving or at home.

With the Brave Response Holster, you can have your gun with you wherever you go… and you’ll be ready to defend your life, and your family members’ lives, if these thugs target YOU.

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