Face shields are better than masks for COVID-19?

It has been really frustrating trying to get “good” information during the pandemic about how to protect yourself realistically.

The government has pretty much admitted that the CDC lied about whether masks could help, because they wanted to preserve the supplies for first responders.

I don’t care if you wear a mask or you don’t – that’s your call – but I do believe in watching what people around me are doing.

You know what people in STORES, who come into contact with a constant stream of other people, do to protect themselves?

They use SHIELDS.

Every store I shop in has put up a plastic shield between the cashier and the customer.

My local Chinese place has what amounts to a plastic sealed airlock with an electric intercom, even!

That tells me that a face shield might be BETTER than a mask for blocking droplets that people cough, breathe, and sneeze on you, keeping them OUT of your face and eyes.

Everybody’s got masks for sale these days, but face shields have been harder to come by.

I found a site that basically lets you have one for shipping.

(You can check it out here.)

I’m not sure how often I’m actually going to wear this, but if the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s to buy these types of supplies while i can and then stockpile them for when they’re needed.

I got mine – you might want to check this out and get yours before they sell out.