Cops sent to JAIL for doing their jobs

There’s been a LOT of talk these last few months about “defunding” and “disbanding” the cops.

Now more and more cops are being charged with crimes for defending themselves from armed criminals.

I’m not taking a political position on that; I’m interested only in how YOU will survive if something like that happens.

If somebody broke into your home, and you couldn’t call 911 because the cops have all “walked away” (or they just don’t have the funding to answer)… what would you do?

You’re probably thinking, “I’d use my gun,” or something like that, and that’s fine.

But what if you don’t have your gun with you?

What if you can’t get to it?

What if you had to fight with just your hands because, wherever you got caught with a mugger, rapist, rioter, or other two-legged predator in your face, you didn’t have access to a gun?

You’d have to rely on what you know about fighting with your fists… but if the other guy is bigger and stronger than you, or you’re facing more than one attacker, you are in real danger of getting KILLED.

Which means you can’t afford to mess around.

You’ve got to get DEADLY.

This is something people don’t like to talk about.

It isn’t “normal” for us to talk about using extreme, deadly moves on other human beings.

But “martial arts” guys have known about this stuff for years, disguising it in silly language like the “death touch.”

All it means is that there are ways of hitting a guy, and targets on his body, that will take him down and put him out… permanently.

And when your life is in danger, or a family member’s life is in danger, you may not have a choice.

You may have to use the “death touch” – lethal fighting moves that anybody can learn.

Are you ready to take that on?

Could you do it?

If so, you can get your copy of this book, Secret Death Touches, right here.

Don’t let the martial arts title fool you.

Anybody can learn these moves, and they could make the difference between you getting KILLED in an attack… and you walking away, knowing you’ve had to do the hardest thing any man has to do.

Think it over – because I know I did.

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