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Antifa “protesters” now trying to KNIFE armed patriots

You already know that the violence in the streets is getting absolutely insane.

Our leaders have allowed the violent domestic terrorist organization, “Antifa,” to grow right under their noses.

It’s gotten so bad that President Trump announced he was going to have Antifa declared terrorists officially.

Meanwhile, they’ve seized blocks of Seattle and are extorting and threatening the people who live and work there… and they’re attacking people in the streets all around the country.

Recently, an Antifa terrorist (you can spot them by the black masks and hoods they wear) tried to STAB an armed citizen.

Here he is in a screen capture from the incident, with not one, but TWO knives in his fists:

This is straight-up attempted murder, and these are dangerous people who want to KILL you for disagreeing with them.

What will you do when they start trying to take over YOUR neighborhood, blocking streets and demanding that the cops be “defunded” so they can do whatever they want?

There’s only one solution:

You’ve got to be prepared to fight back.

But you can’t afford to mess around.

You can’t spend years earning a “black belt.”

And you won’t always have access to a gun.

You’ve got to be equipped with REAL vicious, effective street-fighting techniques… the kind of things they used way back in World War II, when they were fighting REAL Nazis.

These WWII combatives are some of the fastest-to-learn, most brutal methods there are, so much so that a lot of people try to pretend they don’t exist.

You can get them as part of the “First Strike” training available here.

It’s easy to use, inexpensive, and will absolutely teach you the bare-bones, no-nonsense, VICIOUS fighting you need to keep these Antifa thugs from murdering you.

These people are a serious threat, as you can see in the picture.

It’s time to take it seriously – and get prepared for when they come marching down YOUR street.