Antifa and BLM followed a woman home because she wore

Antifa, the “anti-fascist” terrorist group that operates in the United States, is working with BLM protesters to attack people in their homes now.

Andy Ngo, a reporter who has been personally threatened by Antifa before, reported that a bunch of Antifa and BLM protesters followed a woman to her home.

Once there, they banged on her door and shined lasers into her windows, trying to blind her.

These are the same powerful commercial-grade lasers they’ve used to permanently blind several law enforcement officers.

It’s hard to see in this screen capture, but that’s a mob of Antifa thugs shining lights and lasers into a woman’s windows, trying to terrify, threaten, and blind her (because she wore an offensive armband, they said).

If they’ll try to blind someone and go to her house over that, it’s only a matter of time before they follow YOU home for having political opinions they don’t like.

And not long after this incident, a bunch of BLM protesters marched through a suburban neighborhood in the middle of the night, waking people up and demanding they give BLM their homes because of “white privilege.”

Over and over again, these mobs of political activists have attacked people at home… and that means if you don’t have a plan for protecting your home, you’re in very serious danger.

Just because they haven’t gotten to your neighborhood YET doesn’t mean they won’t – and every day, they get a little more bold in their attacks.

I was worried that I didn’t have all my home defense options covered, so I started looking for more information.

I found former CIA officer Jason Hanson, who has written a book on home defense that will turn your house or apartment into an impenetrable fortress.

You can get your copy right here.

Jason’s book, Impenetrable Home Defense, explains…

  • How to choose the right gun for home defense.
  • How to make sure you NEVER become the victim of a home invasion
  • The one thing you should do to the outside of your home to keep criminals from wanting to come inside (which costs under 20 bucks)
  • A 15-dollar early warning system that will tell you if ANYONE enters your home
  • How to clear your home SAFELY if you think there’s an intruder
  • The single most important medical item you need to have in your home in a crisis
  • And much, much more… all of it designed to keep your home and family SAFE.
    This information is critical to defending your property, your family, and your own life.

Don’t wait.

Get Impenetrable Home Defense today… and sleep better at night knowing you’re protected from the mobs.

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