Another executive order? We might need to LEAVE, and FAST

You can't just pack a bugout bag with only a vague idea of what you'll do if you do need to "get gone." You've got to have a plan -- and most bugout plans can be completed in an afternoon, believe it or not.
More and more people are starting to think they might need to bug out, and they’re right to be worried.

Last summer, we saw what happens when a group of people goes berserk and starts looting, burning, and rioting.
And with the pandemic surging, and a new administration in Washington signing executive orders to curtail your freedoms

…you never know when you might need to “get out of Dodge.”

But because most of us haven’t had to bug out before, even experienced survivalists often make some serious mistakes.

That’s why we need to talk about…

1. Fielding Untested Gear

We love to buy gear, as preppers and survivalists.

But often, we buy stuff and then just pack it, without playing with it or testing it.

That’s a mistake — because the time to find out something doesn’t work is NOT when you’re relying on it to save your life.

This means that whenever you buy survival gear, you should try it out, take it camping, use it for a weekend… whatever it takes to figure out if you can rely on it.

2. Carrying Too Much

Another mistake we often make is that we fill our bugout bags too full.

We WANT to have everything we think we’ll need… and if you can lift the pack, you figure you’re good, right?

Problem is, if it’s too heavy, you’ll get fatigued quickly, and you may even start leaving pieces of gear behind.

Avoid that problem by packing only the barest essentials.

Taking your gear camping is a great way to see what you actually use and what you don’t.

3. Not Having A Plan

This is a big one, which is why I’ve saved it for last.

You can’t just pack a bugout bag with only a vague idea of what you’ll do if you do need to “get gone.”

You’ve got to have a plan — and most bugout plans can be completed in an afternoon, believe it or not.

But most of us just never take the time to do that… and as a result, we aren’t REALLY prepared.

Don’t pack your bag and then get caught unprepared while your family depends on you.

Form your plan — which can be done very simply and easily — and then you’ll be good to go.

(There are even manuals that can help shortcut the process for you.)

Be safe out there!
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