An EDC tool that “tells the future”

I’m old enough to remember when the Leatherman Multi-Tool was basically the only game in town if you were looking for a pocket tool that wasn’t a Swiss Army Knife.

I mean, yes, the Swiss Army Knife was the first true multitool (unless you count jack knives and other pocket knives of that type), but the Leatherman was a new evolution of the concept – basically, a pair of pliers with a Swiss Army Knife built in.

Since those days, years ago now, the multitool market has absolutely expoded… and for good reason.

That’s because a multitool is the “magic 8 ball” of survival gear.

Why is that?

Well, the thing about being a prepared citizen – call yourself a prepper, a survivalist, whatever term you prefer – is that you’re always trying to “expect the unexpected.”

In other words, you’re always trying to predict what supplies and gear you’re going to need for an emergency that hasn’t happened yet.

When I meet a person who carries a multitool, I know I’m dealing with somebody who understands you can only TRY to predict every emergency.

A multitool – a single tool that does many things – is one way to do that without having to have “psychic powers.”

No matter what utility chore, survival issue, or other emergency you face, you are much better prepared for it if you have a multitool in your pocket.

But which one should you get, if there are so many?

I like a tough, but affordable multitool – the kind that lets me buy several so I can throw an identical one in all my bugout bags and tool kits.

FightFast offers this one called the “Jack” that even has a carabiner clip on it.

Not only does that help you keep it right where you need it, so you don’t have to dig for it, but the tool is also very well suited for one-hand use.

No matter what brand of tool you buy, though, it’s a good idea to carry a multitool everywhere you go.

You can’t predict every emergency, but when you’re carrying the right gear, you don’t have to.

Especially in today’s uncertain times, it just makes sense to have the “magic 8 ball” of utility tools in your pocket.

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