After the pandemic, masks are good for THIS

See, while I replaced my daily carry mask with one of the ones pictured below (actually, several of them), the mask I started the pandemic with was one I'd actually had for years.

I’ve seen a bunch of messages in my inbox lately talking about how supplies of these badass masks are selling out – and that makes me LAUGH for a very specific reason.

See, while I replaced my daily carry mask with one of the ones pictured below (actually, several of them), the mask I started the pandemic with was one I’d actually had for years.

I bought it because I wanted it for my bugout bag, see — it was a good filtering mask sold for shop projects, four-wheeling (to keep out smoke, debris, whatever), and so on.
When the pandemic hit and masks were in short supply, I realized I had that great filter mask, and I wore it until I wore it out and had to replace it (with, like I said, the ones below).

Here’s the thing: I STILL want a good supply of those masks for things like filtering smoke and dust.
It goes back to watching footage of the 9/11 attacks, and seeing those people covered in dust and marching out of Manhattan with bandannas and even t-shirts over their faces.

In other words, even when there ISN’T a pandemic (and I know it’s hard to believe now, but this will eventually end), I want a supply of these great masks.


The supply of these incredibly cool-looking, R95 filtering masks is drying up.

I think the market kind of knows their days are numbered, too, and aren’t ordering more of them, because they aren’t thinking past the pandemic.

But I am.
I want a nice stockpile of these R95 masks for my bugout bags and my survival kits.

(And hey, if there’s a future pandemic, I want to hit the ground running, so there’s that.)
So I’d head on over to the page for these and buy a couple to tuck away, put in your survival kits, etc., before they’re finally gone and done.

I won’t miss the pandemic — it has been a LONG year and then some — but I DO want to be prepared, and I know you do, too.

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