FREE DOWNLOAD – Nunchaku For Self Defense

“Nunchucks” are incredibly powerful. Using this flexible club, you can knock an attacker unconscious with a single strike. Nunchucks are so devastating, in fact, that they can even be FATAL if used recklessly.


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Slick “American Gunner” face shield here….

…And if you’re going to rely on a face shield to protect you out there, especially during the pandemic, you deserve one that’s well made, too.

(Also, it wouldn’t hurt to put your heart on your sleeve a little, either.)

I found one that I thought was really cool…

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Latest Headlines…

Thank you for reading the Survival Gear & Tactics Friday Bullet Newsletter. Our goal is to bring you news, tips, and intel every week that you can use to plan how to protect and provide for your family (and you).

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This knife is NOT for beginners

What do you think of when you think of the word “stiletto knife?” I think of those 1950s “Rebel Without a Cause” type movies about gangs. Most people, though, think “fighting knife,” and for good

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