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Hidden Wide Belt Pistol Holster

( Left & Right Hand Universal )

Sometimes you advertise

One way to avoid being a victim is to not look like a victim.

Most would-be attackers aren’t complete idiots. If they see you’re open carrying, they’re not gonna mess with you.

COVID may impact delivery time. If so, latest delivery estimate is the week of 03/24

Sometimes you conceal

Unfortunately, some sheeple just can’t handle the sight of a gun, and they will hassle any open-carry proponent. One way to avoid that hassle is to not advertise you’re carrying.

And there’s another situation where open carry may make you more of a target: Mass shooting events. Shooters have been known to try to take out the armed first, so an open carry in those situations may be a liability. You want the element of surprise when defending yourself and others.

Tactical hidden holsters are the solution

We’ve found one of the best hidden holsters for comfort, capacity, and safety. Our Wide Belt Pistol Holster conceals your weapon close to your waist for a slim profile. Elastic and hook-and-loop fasteners make it fully adjustable up to 45 inches. Its numerous pockets let you carry your weapon and extra mags, and still have space for your money, ID, or phone.

Other holsters can get you killed

Some hidden holsters use hook-and-loop fasteners for the retention strap.

In an active shooter scenario, you don’t want to advertise that you’re drawing your weapon.

The unmistakable sound of hook-and-loop being pulled apart can alert a shooter to your intentions.

Our hidden holster is made with a sturdy metal clip for silent draw every time.

Our Tactical Hidden Holster gives you advantages and choice. Strap your weapon where you want it, where you can most easily access it. When seconds count, you don’t want to be fumbling to reach your only protection.

COVID may impact delivery time. If so, latest delivery estimate is the week of 03/24


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