gun butter
Why My Dad Cleaned His Guns WRONG!

If you do want to prevent wear and tear on your guns while promoting a butter-smooth slide action, though, there are modern products that can help.

What is “gun butter?”
I started using this (and thought of my dad when I did), and was amazed with the results.

It’s good for all climates, works on all guns, and most importantly, repels carbon to keep your gun working great.

Turn Your Hands Into Knives

This is great stuff that will turn you into a human weapon, with or without a knife in your hands, no matter what shape you’re in.

Urban Survival Playing Cards
We’re all “urban survivalists” now

This recent pandemic has proven, more than ever, that SMART citizens focus on homesteading – on preparing their households to be self-reliant so that when emergencies happen, they can get through them safely and securely.


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