Bugout Bag Guns - Jason Hanson
How To “Sacrifice” A Gun

Jason Hanson, as it turns out, has LOTS of informative opinions about firearms — including how to select the perfect guns for survival, self-defense, and bugging out.

gun butter
Why My Dad Cleaned His Guns WRONG!

If you do want to prevent wear and tear on your guns while promoting a butter-smooth slide action, though, there are modern products that can help.

What is “gun butter?”
I started using this (and thought of my dad when I did), and was amazed with the results.

It’s good for all climates, works on all guns, and most importantly, repels carbon to keep your gun working great.

Kwaiken-Style (Japanese) Folding Steel Blade

Kwaiken-Style (Japanese) Folding Steel Blade
The DeHong kwaiken folder was specifically designed to be functional in the open AND closed position. Open, it’s a sleek tactical blade. Closed, it’s a “palm stick,” like a yawara. In other words, even with the blade closed, this is a powerful tool

a 5 second “stiletto knife lesson

Former CIA officer Jason Hanson has written an entire book on the use of the deadly stiletto.

Not only that, but he even offers a combo package where you can get a stiletto knife along with the book.

His is one of the best books I’ve seen on the use of this wickedly cool blade.

You can get your copy here if you’d like to take your stiletto method to the next level.


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