The critical escape skill you need NOW

Being able to see how the lock works was what helped the idea to “click” for me.

Now, I can open just about ANY lock – and the way I look at all locked doors and padlocks has changed completely.

The street attack threat of. . . “toddlers?”

This is one of the most comprehensive how-to products I’ve ever seen, and it’s super-affordable, too. Check it out now and get protected… because you probably ALREADY have this weapon on you or in your house.

How to stay ahead of the other people bugging out

If you’re going to be bugging out on the move, you need a solar panel charger that you can attach by magnets to your car, hang from your backpack, or even just put on the dash… that has enough surface area to generate real juice.

Bugout Bag Guns - Jason Hanson
How To “Sacrifice” A Gun

Jason Hanson, as it turns out, has LOTS of informative opinions about firearms — including how to select the perfect guns for survival, self-defense, and bugging out.

gun butter
Why My Dad Cleaned His Guns WRONG!

If you do want to prevent wear and tear on your guns while promoting a butter-smooth slide action, though, there are modern products that can help.

What is “gun butter?”
I started using this (and thought of my dad when I did), and was amazed with the results.

It’s good for all climates, works on all guns, and most importantly, repels carbon to keep your gun working great.

Are “ninja knives” the best blades?

Recently the “knife world” got word that knife company Cold Steel was being sold to another company. That got me to thinking about the knives that put Cold Steel on the map – tanto blades. These Japanese-inspired blades, sometimes referred to as “ninja knives” because of the style, are STILL super popular.


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