This close-quarters blade is an AMAZING weapon

It’s definitely worth the low price, and it will serve you well if things ever get so bad that you’re facing down a lethal threat with cold steel. That sounds kind of dramatic, I guess… but this is serious business.

He thought I was unarmed. . . (I wasn’t)

Back before the pandemic started, I was almost mugged. I was walking to my car with a lady friend and her 11-year-old daughter. While we were walking, I noticed two guys follo...

[Macy’s attack] Did you see that thug GRINNING in his mugshot?

This made me SO ANGRY. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t intend to EVER be in that situation. I’m not going to beg someone and scream apologies at the...

You can’t afford to make this “prepper” mistake

One of the most amazing discoveries countless survivalists and preppers have made during this worldwide pandemic is what they had been RIGHT about… …and what they were WRONG a...

Walk bullets into the target

I know red dot lasers can be a little controversial. Some people swear by them, and other people say you shouldn’t. But usually, they’re so expensive that it doesn...

Anyone who wants to “survive” can do this. . .

I was watching the old Bruce Willis movie, Last Man Standing, and I realized why he comes across as so cool in that film. Eve...Read More

Dictator Gov. Whitmer’s goons tracked patriots’ cell phones

Have you been following what’s been going on in Michigan during their coronavirus lock-down? Michigan’s Governor ...Read More

You need a GUN. . . all the time!

If there has been one powerful lesson from everything going on in the last few weeks, it’s that you need a GUN… all the...Read More

FREE DOWNLOAD – Nunchaku For Self Defense

"Nunchucks” are incredibly powerful. Using this flexible club, you can knock an attacker unconscious with a single strike. Nu...Read More

Tip: How To Make Dirt-Cheap Med Kits

Have you ever been in a dollar store and seen one of those cheap one-dollar first aid kits? There’s not much in there &...Read More

protect your home from rioting ANIMALS

I’m betting a lot of us didn’t get much sleep last weekend. We stayed up late, wondering if the rioting, the loot...Read More

Stressed? You can BEAT the collapse that’s coming

One of the things I’m really worried about recently — and you probably are, too — is how we can keep spendi...Read More


Nunchucks are so powerful that they can even be FATAL if used recklessly. WE'RE GIVING THIS PROGRAM AWAY FOR FREE! ...Read More

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DIY Off-Road Vehicle Recovery with Rope & Pulleys

We’ve all been there — alone and unafraid, enjoying a weekend adventure or vacation in the backwoods and basking in the freedom American off-roading...

Yousef Badou Interview: Predatory Premonition

Threat detection is a lot like playing chess. You have to know what to look for before you can look for it. It’s a way of weaponizing your senses. When yo...

Survival Workout: RE Factor Tactical Combat Fitness Deck

There are many reasons to consider an at-home survival workout plan. The most timely of these is the COVID-19 pandemic, and the associated lockdown that has lef...

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Frank DeSomma of POF-USA Will Be Missed Dearly

Frank DeSomma, president and CEO of Patriot Ordnance Factory, passed away yesterday at the age of 57. He will be missed dearly. The post Frank DeSomma of POF-US...

Rigby Keeps Calm and Locks-in During Lockdown

The days of strict lockdown and quarantine are behind for most of us, and hopefully the whole pandemic nightmare will soon be a thing of the past for the whole ...

CrossBreed Holsters For the Taurus G3c

Springfield, Missouri-based CrossBreed have announced that holsters from across their range are now compatible with the new Taurus G3c which launched at the beg...

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